Unlock the power of data

Use privacy-enhancing technology for secure data analytics.

We transform data markets of today and empower the digital economic world of tomorrow. Our solutions enable a better use of data and pave the way for more exclusive insights.
We call it #PrivTech.


Bare metal

Problem & Solution

Easily integrable solution for data analysis that allows participants to establish a data market while preserving Privacy by Design. We enable companies to make better use of data and acquire more unique insights, especially from their customers.


Team of well established Founders specialized in blockchain,  secure transmission systems with focus on data management, data security, data privacy and Industry 4.0 business platform models.


"We at MADANA see Octave Klaba as a European visionary in the cloud industry and share the same core values with OVHcloud when it comes to European data sovereignty." - quote by Christian Junger (CEO & Co-Founder MADANA)