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Policy Insider AI

Policy-Insider.AI is your central platform for global policy and stakeholder monitoring and analysis. 

Use cases

Intuitive tools used by very different stakeholders

  • NGOs and non-for-profits use policy-insider.ai to increase their reach, policy knowledge and intervention speed at a very low price
  • Business and Associations use it to monitor policy development that are relevant to their business
  • Media outlets benefit from policy-insider.ai's real-time coverage of policy developments accross language barriers and instant contextualisation
  • Academics use the large data amounts to validate their theories and to develop new policy concepts
  • Policy maker and political parties use policy-insider.ai to align their initiatives and benefit from instant access to similar policies across the globe


We have developed policy-insider.ai to be an intuitive tool, no matter if you have a lot of experience in public affairs or if you are just beginning to discover the world of policy making. Our most important rule: keep it simple.

  • Search for policy documents and filter by region, institution, policy area, document type
  • Sort policy documents chronologically, by relevance or level of focus on what you're looking for
  • Translate any policy document in your prefered language instantly
  • Receive fully customizable alerts
  • Discover policy maker profiles
  • "Talker or Maker?" Dive into social media and compare it to policy activity
  • Access contact details for over 5.000 policy makers