Lota.cloud is a Cloud expense management platform dedicated to the financial optimization of your Cloud services. We have designed a tool that centralizes all your billing data so that you can regain control over your Cloud budget. 

Our platform provides you with all the weapons you need to fight against the over-invoicing of your Cloud expenses and optimize your daily consumption.


OVHcloud public Cloud for our application and

OVHcloud Web for our domaine name and exchange services

Problem & Solution

Lota.cloud helps companies spend better on the Cloud. Many companies today have made the choice of the Cloud, but they are often surprised by the amounts spent that follow the elasticity of this technology, they no longer understand exactly what they pay and why, they are also many to see waste. Lota.cloud is a solution that helps Cloud managers to better control and optimize their Cloud expenses. The expenses are grouped on the platform, which gives a 360° view of the situation, improves the understanding of the different expense items and shows possible avenues for optimization.


Clément Rainsard : CEO

"OVHcloud and Lota.cloud are two companies from the north of France, it was important for us to link up with a local Cloud player like OVHcloud. By integrating the DLP program, OVHcloud has been more serene in the development of our solution."