Docxpresso offers a complete suite of products and services to help companies streamline their path to digital transformation.

Docxpresso does so by converting standard Office documents into "smart cloud apps" that allow for automated document generation and management, as well as data collection, analysis and mining "out of the box".

Docxpresso also offers to the developer community a FREE REST API that greatly simplify all standard document assembly tasks that they may encounter in their daily work.


The infrastructure includes:

  • a load balancer
  • a MySQL cluster
  • a REDIS cluster
  • 2 Kubernetes master instances
  • 24 Kubernetes slaves with Dockerized Docxpresso instances

Problem & Solution

With the help of Docxpresso anyone can convert a plain document edited in Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Open Office, Google Docs or any other Office Suite into a “Smart Doc” that not only can be edited online and be shared but that can also include business logic,  serve as a mean to collect data from end users, launch workflows, etc.

The idea was simple:

  • “open the Docxpresso API Core” functionality to the community at no cost without loosing proprietary rights.
  • Offer a service that would not depend on a particular technological stack.
  • Make a clear separation of presentation and data.
  • Set up an stateless architecture that will simplify the remote interaction with our service.
  • Set up a highly scalable zero-downtime infrastructure.

The generation of documents is pretty CPU intensive so we started to look for a cloud provider that could offer us the best “price per FLOP” and at the same time would enjoy a sound prestige, a good communication infrastructure and first class support.

After a few weeks searching and testing different solutions we opted for OVHcloud as cloud provider.

Eduardo Ramos CEO/CTO