Deev UG - "born to live" is a early-stage startup based in Berlin, Germany. Deev is currently developing their Proof-of-Concept (PoC). They are striving to design, develop and sell autonomous systems and services. It is their ambition to become a leader in autonomous services that can be accessed by anyone through their AI/HI marketplace where humans can train robots through VR.

Problem & Solution


As the global economy faces a record blue-collar shortage, Deev is looking to provide general dexterity anywhere in the world at a minimum 3.5 ROI.


Deev is currently run by George and Anca. George covers the technical side with 10+ years of system engineering and audiovisual processing experience. Anca covers the business side with 10+ years of experience in investment banking.


George Poenaru, the founder says:

“Provisioning Kubernetes multi-regional clusters with Terraform in a global +20Tbps capacity network, supporting GPU and bare metal resources in Open Stack is everything we need for the next 10 years. OVH empower us to build an outstanding cost effective infrastructure that we could never achieve with any other cloud provider.”