MAB Robotics

MAB Robotics is developing small, agile, teleoperated  quadrupedal robots designed to be a universal sensor platform for inspection and maintenance operations in underground tunnels. Walking will enable the robot to traverse most obstacles (rubble, garbage etc.) found in the tunnels. Both robot and communication modules will be ruggedized and designed for work in harsh environments (water and dust proof, for example).

Initially robots will carry cameras for visual inspection and mapping. Over time the robot will be equipped with an arm that will make maintenance work possible, along with a 3D sensor that will enable mapping of tunnel geometry and heat distribution patterns.

The MAB robot will be operated remotely from a station located at the entrance of the tunnel. No cables need to be tugged behind, leading to increased range and agility. The station will provide the operator with live feed from robots cameras, as well as all information needed to perform the inspection.