Tatsu Works

Tatsu is a platform that provides a user engagement ecosystem for your online community. Using gamification & interactive media, Tatsu simplifies and supercharges the process of community engagement for Discord servers

Problem & Solution

Community growth & engagement is a time consuming & expensive task. Tatsu is a gamification platform for online chat communities that makes use of automation & interactive media to provide communities with a way to easily grow & retain their members. An economy & loyalty points system as well as game activities & rewards help to incentivize communities and raise engagement and retention levels.


David Lim - CEO of Tatsu Works

"We joined the OVHCloud startup program in order to leverage the global network of startups that are part of the program. We hope to broaden our network and meet like minded companies within the OVHCloud startup ecosystem as well as make use of OVHCloud's global infrastructure to support our product and company."