Picsell.ia is a development platform that lets Data Scientists focus on their core mission by automating labeling, pipeline engineering, visualization and versioning for Computer Vision.


Infra: We leverage OVHcloud GPU instances along with their Compute Instances and Cloud Databases to host our platform and our GPU powered micro-services.

Problem & Solution

Description: Picsell.ia is a core technology that allows data scientists to speed up or automate their data cleaning processes while tracking and visualizing their experiments, in a collaborative way. They also provide an Open Hub for datasets and trained models that teams can leverage in order to boost their state-of-the-art exploration.

Success story/Vision: Picsell.ia aims to become the European leader in Computer Vision and AI platforms with a true willingness of giving people the ability to share their knowledge and benefit from powerful tools to push AI further


Pierre-Nicolas Tiffreau - CTO / Co-founder

Citation: “We are proud to be part of the OVHcloud Startup program because as a French company, we value Cloud Supremacy and privacy, and OVHcloud allows us to provide a solution respecting those criterias to our clients.”