OVHcloud Startup Program
We help you build the future

Since 2015, over 1,800 startups and scaleups from across the globe have joined the OVHcloud Startup Program and our ecosystem.

We provide reliability and security to innovative businesses, enabling you to facilitate exponential and international growth.

We innovate for freedom! Join us!

Startup accelerator programs: Technology as the core added value

Technology as the core added value:

  • Up to 100 000€ (or equivalent local currency) of free tech credits on OVHcloud products
  • Up to 20 hours of customer specific support
  • Cloud solutions to accelerate your growth
Additional visibility

Additional visibility:

  • Joint participation in international events
  • Use cases and testimonials publishing
  • Speaking opportunities to showcase your business 
  • Global OVHcloud Newsletter exposure
  • and much more
Startup Accelerator: An active ecosystem of partners

An active ecosystem of partners:

OVHcloud acts as a facilitator to connect startups with what they need most; from IP & financing experts to incubators and VCs.

  • Fast-track to accelerator program offered by partners
  • Bridges to additional OVHcloud programs - such as Open Trusted Cloud, Marketplace and Partner Program
  • Business development opportunities within the  OVHcloud ecosystem
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OMNY Cloud Startup Pitch Contest Winner's

During this year's OVHcloud Ecosystem Experience, we organised a Startup Pitch Contest and the French startup Omny cloud won! Discover in this interview how the 2 co-founders, Félix Perreau and Augustin Gaillot, feel about the result and why they chose to collaborate with OVHcloud from the start.

Is the OVHcloud Program a Startup Accelerator?

Like a Startup Accelerator, the OVHcloud startup Program helps startups scale and grow. However, unlike typical Startup Accelerators, we do not invest funds in your company. Instead, we rely on our partners delivering business advise. Our mission is to provide the best possible IT configurations, to accelerate your growth. We support and advise startups, therefore, in their infrastructure development.


Are you an enabler - such as an accelerator, incubator, venture capital fund, or specialised expert - and want to be part of our program?

Find all the information. Join the OVHcloud Startup program and Startup Accelerator to be part of an innovative ecosystem that develops future businesses and empowers networks.