CUX is a startup specializing in the use of machine learning for predictive, qualitative analysis. The first ever UX automation tool enables companies to not only save time as the whole data processing operations are carried automatically, but also helps to maintain an increase in sales as it predicts which customer behaviour will inhibit conversion.

CUX is where web analytics and data-driven marketing meet. It’s a tool which indicates conversion-inhibiting aspects of your website. Based on the analysis of behavioral patterns and experiences, we provide insights for finding ready-made solutions to user problems. is a pioneer in combining qualitative and quantitative analytics in order to (finally) better understand the emotions, behaviour and needs of our online customers. The tool is able to show not only numbers but also their explanation, thanks to which it's by far the only UX automation tool for smarter analytics.

The most important thing for us is cooperation with a trusted partner registered in Europe and the fact that we store and process our clients' data in Europe too. Thanks to OVHcloud, we get tools tailored to our needs, which are easy to administer, and the support is very responsive. We feel that OVHcloud Startup Program takes care of us.

Kamil Walkowiak, CTO