smart360 offers a B2B SaaS solution for internal structured knowledge management - an improvement to sending around spreadsheets or buying expensive standalone solutions. Among other things, our solution enables comprehensive Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Application Portfolio Management (APM). 
We are headquartered in the USA with an office in Germany and a global team.



We help mid-sized companies structure their internal knowledge and collaborate on data. Our online database and collaboration platform is flexibly customizable and comes with preconfigured templates e.g. for managing the IT infrastructure.
With smart360, our customers have a knowledge base to which employees can contribute and make their work more efficient with analyses. We also offer smaller consulting companies the possibility to distribute their own template on our basis and generate regular subscription revenue through their own product offering.

Infrastructure and IT requirements

As a global company, we need a global IT infrastructure provider to provide public cloud and dedicated servers in USA, Canada, EU/Germany and Asia.
Our flexible webapps need a lot of RAM and we use load balancers, compute instance, and dedicated servers for our development environment and test systems.

Karsten Voges, CEO

Collaboration is at the core of our B2B SaaS solution and we are happy to have a very good working relationship with all our partners.
Our enterprise customers are happy that we use OVHCloud, a European pioneer (also in Gaia-X), as our hosting provider.