No more material constraints.

Omny is the simplest service for designing, deploying and using custom Windows virtual desktops hosted in the Cloud (public, dedicated or on-premise).


Based on bare metal servers, the Omny Cloud software suite provides a Virtual Machine orchestrator, a comprehensible and UX-driven management console and API, and a remote access protocol, all built together to offer a complete and seamless VDI suite.

Problem & Solution

Small and medium businesses are simultaneously the most numerous companies and the most struggling with IT infrastructure. It is a pain to manage it when internalized, and a huge cost when outsourced.

That’s why we help SMBs that lack the skills and budget, to secure remote work and automate the management of their computers. Our solution is an intuitive platform, full of automation, to create powerful virtual computers hosted on multi-cloud environments, which employees can access from any device, anywhere. We focused on the best UX and affordable dedicated GPUs, to answer every use case.


Augustin and Félix, the two co-founders, spent 2 years in R&D and market research to launch the intuitive service that exists today. Since April 2020, 4 engineers joined them to improve the software and change the landscape of virtual desktops infrastructure [VDI].


Félix PERREAU, co-founder and COO:

“OVHcloud is the inescapable partner to launch a sovereign Cloud service in Europe. But the Startup Program is more than that. We needed specific Cloud architecture consulting to design an optimal infrastructure and deploy our complex PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution. Thanks to their support, expertise, and credits, we could improve and stabilize our stack, and switch from a prototype to a commercial service. Thank you !”

Félix (COO), Augustin (CEO) et Mario (Op CTO)