Suinsit is a NOCODE platform that allows users to quickly create their applications, using natural language.

Suinsit reduces direct and indirect costs during development, further allowing to access the generated code and modify as required.

Thanks to its integration with OVHcloud, operational environments are available instantaneously.


Several managed clusters of kubernetes in the public cloud, as well as openstack virtual machines, load balancers, persistent storage, baremetal servers and cloud databases, our goal is also extended to use with private and hybrid cloud.

Problem & Solution

Our objective is to speed up the digital transformation of companies, democratizing the development of applications through nocode and lowcode, using natural language. We are different because we use open source technologies, under the standards of methodology, architecture and quality, and we give full access to the source code of the applications that they create, so that they can modify them, being the only polyglot platform.


Our team is made up of software architects, some with more than 25 years of experience in project development for large multinationals, financial companies and government companies.


Manuel Gonzalez - CEO

"I joined the OVHcloud program, due to the European startup company spirit that it transmits unlike other big manufacturers that only think like technological multinationals and make you captive to their technology.

Our platform is 100% cloud and with a SaaS and PaaS business model. OVHcloud solutions cover all our needs and allow us to include in our products stable and robust infrastructure solutions provided by OVHcloud, thanks to OVHcloud we can offer subscriptions at low prices and even free."