HD Rain provides very high resolution weather measurements and forecasts based on innovative data sources for weather-sensitive areas and economic activities.
HD Rain is notably able to measure rainfall with high precision for insurances, weather services, smart cities, or agriculture, by combining measurements from innovative sensors with dedicated machine learning algorithms.


Machine learning based high resolution weather measurements and forecasts

Problem & Solution

We developed a low-cost sensor which opportunistically measures rainfall through its influence on waves coming from TV-satellites.
Deployed as a network and coupled with dedicated algorithms, it allows measuring and anticipating rainfall up to 2 hours in advance on the covered area.
We produce weather maps minute-by-minute with a 500 meters accuracy.


Ruben Hallali - CEO

Engineer in meteorology & PhD in atmospheric sciences

François Mercier - CSO

Engineer in applied math & PhD in atmospheric sciences

Since few months we have been in the OVHcloud Startup program and we are extremely satisfied with what it brings to us. We first found the possibility of testing a lot of solutions without worrying about very closely controlling the associated costs. The implementation of our computing chain was made possible by OVHcloud cloud offer and the flexibility it brings. The quality and availability of our contacts is also remarkable: they are always precise and fast, whether for administrative or very technical questions. It was important for us to use a French solution, but not at the risk of degrading the quality of the result. With OVHcloud startup program, we have found a French solution that is better than its competitors!