With over 18 years of experience and over 200 projects in IT-Engineering, Product Design, and Business Analysis, Techknowledgence offers partners the expertise needed to build new products and optimize existing systems.

Development of IT-Products of virtually any complexity and innovation degree allows start-ups preferential benefits and unique positioning on the market.


Techknowledgence offers:

  • Product development of any complexity.
  • Innovation and its management. Several of our start-up partners have patented products we’ve created together.
  • Engineering Product Design - creation of a product that users love to use.
  • Connecting psychology and IT to achieve successful and future-oriented results: creating of a product that is indeed required.
  • CTO-training for the founders (organizational and maintenance processes).
  • Optimal development strategy design, based on the specifics of the product to avoid sunken investments.
  • Rapid MVP development and deployment, allowing quick Go-To-Market.
  • Scaling of the MVPs after gaining significant user-traction and data-volumes.
  • Automation of the business-processes by analyzing their cognitive parts and creating assistive Artificial Intelligence, based on the expert decision-making model.

The above allows creation IT-Products of any complexity and innovation degree. This offers start-up partners preferential benefits and unique positioning on the market.


Andrei Costenco, CEO:

Andrei Costenco


"Choosing a suitable hosting infrastructure from the very beginning is extremely important for Startups. This defines every future phase of the product, starting from the MVP, ending up with scaling to match the increased demand and user traction.

OVHcloud offers a wide range of options, suitable for all:

  • Phases of the product evolution cycle,
  • Business stages,
  • Budget conditions.

Another outstanding offering from OVHcloud is free tech credits for Startups to use in the Startup Program, which allow focusing on the development of the product, without worrying about the initial costs."