Sirio App

Math Solution - an innovative platform supporting students and tutors in the process of individual or joint learning based on advanced image processing algorithms and machine learning in the field of mathematics and other exact science fields.

The aim of the project is to develop innovative software assisting the students in learning to solve mathematics tasks based on advanced image processing and machine learning algorithms facilitating quick learning of the methods of solving the desired tasks. The software will recognize the full content of the tasks from the photos sent by the students and search for identical or similar tasks in the verified database collected by the Proposer, and as a result will send the student an immediate step-by-step solution (or will give the student immediate support in the learning process).

Sirius Education needed to rent server instances to "train" AI / ML algorithms using Nvidia graphics cards. OVHcloud's support allowed creating a test infrastructure for R&D, which can easily transfer to the production and will be scalable at the same time.
The company is very pleased with the support in the OVHcloud Startup Program because it allowed creating an instance which is optimal from the point of view of the project without additional financial expenses for the company.