We offer an IoT management platform with a special focus on a data and service network, in a decentralized manner that preserves data sovereignty
We enable a secure, simple and stable orchestration of all your valuable IoT Assets, condition monitoring, shareable artificial intelligence applications and many more.

Problem & Solution

A lot of data has untouched potential -

Senseering® helps you to get more out of your data! We digitize your complex and difficult to connect (industrial) hardware and help you to analyze it through secure and efficient data exchange.

The senseering MyDataEconomy® platform is the 3-in-1 platform for B2x customers for real-time condition monitoring of industrial plants and smart devices, for AI analyses based on this, such as predictive maintenance, and above all for trading and exchanging technical data.


A team of 9 highly established individuals who truly understand their craft and most having a background from the highly renominated technical University of RWTH Aachen.


"Most startups start with a good idea and the goal of solving a problem. Nevertheless, for many it turns out to be difficult to ensure long-term success," says Kristof Herrmann, Full Stack Developer at the German startup Senseering. "The funding from the OVHcloud Startup Program has enabled us to improve our digital platform, reach important milestones for us as a young company and establish valuable contacts for the further development of our business model".