Congstruction is an upcoming startup based in Frankfurt, passionate about enabling small and medium sized enterprises in the construction sector to achieve the transition to 4.0.

Our main mission is to optimise the efficiency across the supply chain of the construction sector starting with the dry bulk cargo industry through digitalisation. 

We have developed a cloud based SaaS platform that incorporates artificial intelligence in helping to automate and streamline workflows, to reduce internal and external costs. Our software controls and optimises workflow processes, provides on-time deliveries through the most efficient routes possible, and reduces the risks of cargo inventory errors and miscalculations.

Our software supports our clients also in getting more sustainable, enabling them to build a carbon-neutral and sustainable economy and get ahead of regulations. The integration of environmentally relevant sustainability aspects such as the recording of greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, energy efficiency, recycling, but also social aspects such as general working conditions is something we want to integrate into our software in the future, taking into account current and future regulatory requirements.

„I already have been using the OVHcloud and was very happy with the services provided. That is why I welcome the idea to participate in that OVHcloud Startup Program and have them covering all our cloud needs.“

Elvis Zaicenoks, Co-Founder and CTO