Take the next step with Cendria! We provide the digital learning world with a completely new infrastructure, adapted to the needs of our users - pupils, students and trainees as well as teachers, lecturers but also parents, friends and family!

Knowledge base, community and learning center - Cendria connects the world of learners and teachers in a modern and sustainable way.


Even though capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge is already taking digital forms in everyday education, not all of the core competencies that digital education requires for optimal execution have been offered yet. Cendria has changed that!


In direct exchange with our end users, we have questioned existing concepts and complemented them with our innovative functions. The goal is and remains to enable our product to grow with the requirements of the digital learning world through continuous development - the focus here is always on direct interaction with our customers.


For our front-end and back-end applications as well as database systems, we use public cloud machines in conjunction with cloud storage and volumes. For continuous workloads, we use dedicated machines.

Pierre Pivorius, Founder and CEO

With OVHcloud, we have a renowned partner at our side whose extensive infrastructure and mature data protection concepts simply convince us. The perfect combination between cloud and dedicated machines at a very good price/performance ratio as well as the extensive support in the startup program were decisive arguments for us to put our entire infrastructure into OVHcloud.