Fidsy is a Personal Assistant that provides actionable insights for your business instantly. Using natural language and AI, Fidsy simplifies the process of retrieving and analysing complex data from multiple sources. Simply put, a Business Intelligence Analyst in your pocket.


Fidsy have utilised OVHcloud’s Public Cloud to design and deliver their solution. The architecture includes Kubernetes as well as OVHcloud's data logging platform.

Problem & Solution

Problem: use of multiple, separate software tools makes accessing useful business intelligence challenging and expensive for SMEs.

Solution: Fidsy is a next generation smart assistant that combines data from different data sources (Google Analytics, Xero, Shopify, Facebook). It automatically indentifies insights and provides recommendations or solutions to make the insights actionable.


Yigit Erol, Founder and CEO

Quote: “OVHcloud Startup Program is excellent. We got accepted in less than 2 days, received highly generous credits and prompt personal support right away. Configuration and deployment is very easy. As a BI start-up, storing our customers’ data in EU makes a huge difference as well. Instead of wasting valuable time in infrastructure and operations, or worrying about costs, we just focus on developing our product now.”