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hellomybot.io is the only "omnichannel" and "multimodal" platform to manage your conversational agents (voicebots, callbots and chatbots) with just one tool. This will allow your end users to converse with you on any channel (Google Home, Amazon Echo, Facebook Messenger, Skype, phone, WhatsApp...) by voice or text. You can also track conversations throughout the conversational customer journey of your identified customer, and of course, associate this conversation with your CRM to achieve timely push reminders.

With Conversational Agents, you'll use conversational marketing via voice and/or chat messaging with your customers. You will stay in touch more quickly and more effectively on the interfaces they use, but also in a natural and intuitive way, in order to generate leads, solve their problems and of course relaunch them to offer them new services and promotions.