KAPSLY enables Startups to grow faster by connecting them to the right business partners, such as IT & Marketing Agencies, and making those professional services affordable with flexible payment terms, like pay later, revenue-shares, or even company shares. Our marketplace with integrated service agreements allow Startups to get the resources they really need, at the time they need them.

Which products or services do you offer for startups?

KAPSLY is a marketplace for Startups and professional service agencies of all kinds. We are providing contract templates that enable collaborations with flexible payment terms and clear rules.

Which benefits do these have for startups?

Our marketplace enables Startups to quickly find the right business partners who are willing to invest their resources or allow deferred payments. Money alone does not solve problems. Startups need hands-on support to build a successful business. Instead of giving away equity to investors, Startups can focus on value creation and motivate their business partners with equity.