Creative Valley

Creative Valley


Creative Valley was founded 10 years ago and has contributed over that period to the success of hundreds of projects - brought by communities, students, startups and companies.

Our core mission is to accelerate the development of startups:

  • By providing the best support through our acceleration programs,

  • By stimulating and encouraging constant collaborative exchanges between our project teams in the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

All projects are housed at our various campuses, including some on a short-term basis through our numerous international exchange programs.

Today, our conviction is that the pillars of the most prodigious projects consist of two fundamental values:

  • Creativity is absolutely crucial to achieve success. It is critical, but not enough.

  • Diversity is also essential to build the best teams to open new perspectives and explore new paths.

This combination of creativity and diversity is the most solid foundation to launch business-driven projects with global potential. This is the best of what the new tech generation has to share with the world.